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It is famously said that in a corporate world "Dress for the job you want, not the one you have". It is a well-known fact that when you look at a person for the first time, you notice the way he/she is dressed, which is basically the first impression of any person.
In a corporate world, it is very important to dress in a proper and attractive manner due to several reasons, one of the biggest reasons to dress in a proper workplace attire is that it gives a visual image and gives this impression that the person is professional. Over the years there have been so many changes in the trends of clothing that people have forgotten what actually a proper workplace attire is
Recently, scientists from Columbia University and Cal State Northridge examined how clothing may affect one's thoughts. The results showed that wearing formal clothes can free people from concrete thinking while boosting their ability to think more practically.
Reasons to Dress for Success:
There are several reasons that why one should always dress in an attractive manner:
• It makes a Good Impression: A person's first impression says a lot about them, it is very important to put a good impression on the person you are meeting for the first time, if you are dressed shabbily for an interview or a corporate meeting, it tends to put a bad impression and the people around you would consider you unprofessional and would never take you seriously.
• Boosts up one's confidence: When you are dressed attractively, it automatically boosts up your confidence which helps to make your day better and helps you perform well in your workplace.
• Promotes self-confidence: If you take the time, effort and pride into dressing sharp, you will undoubtedly give an image of self-respect and self-worth. People will see you and think positively of you. When people will see you in your clean, fitted clothing and they will consider you worthy of their time and company.
• Helps to keep one productive: It's easy to feel comfortable wearing sports trousers and a t-shirt, however, once you are in your comfort zone you start feeling lazy. But when you are dressed formally, you look well, feel good and you'll be more motivated to get things done and in turn be more productive.
• It gives a competitive edge: Dressing to impress gives you a competitive edge. Not just for finding a job, it can also help you drum up a new business or help close on a potential sale. A strong first impression leaves a lasting impression. When you dress well, it shows that you are taking care of yourself, and now, you are ready to take care of your customers.
How to Dress for Success:
One of the biggest questions these days is that How should one Dress for Success? The answer to this is that it is very important to have a powerful professional wardrobe which takes you to the path of success. Some tips should be kept in mind while shopping for your professional wardrobe. Those are:
1. Get Inspired: Seasonal change is the perfect time to hit the pause button and get inspired! Make the time to flip through magazines, head downtown, surf the web, and get inspired by the natural style reset that presents itself with the change of seasons.
2. Choose your colors: Color is one of the easiest ways to update one's wardrobe and yet it's so easy to get stuck. Go for seasonal color. Commit to a tight palette of newness. Just one or two new colors go a long way.
3. Be Comfortable: It's tempting to feel like you need to dress a certain way when you're under pressure for a big meeting. Comfort breeds confidence. Wearing what you feel comfortable in will positively impact your ability to show up as your best self.
4. Shop Intelligently: After taking inventory of your existing wardrobe, identify the gaps and shop with clear intent. This approach will keep you from over shopping and also ensure that you can style a lot of different looks.
An Initiative:
There is a nonprofit organization with the name of "Dress for Success" that provides professional attire for low-income women to help them in their job search and interview process. This organization was founded in 1997 by Nancy Lublin and has since spread from Harlem, New York City, to 79 cities in the United States and around the world in 2004, reaching about 45,000 clients each year in 2006, and now serves 850,000 women in 140 locations. The parent organization's current CEO is Joi Gordon. The organization's approach is based on social research suggesting that suitable attire is important to "impression formation", which in turn impacts job prospects.
Now a global organization, Dress for Success Worldwide supports its programs through a combination of grants, government funding, fundraising events and campaigns. In 2013, the parent organization received over $17 million in funding, more than 99% of which came from direct contributions by individuals, corporations, and non-governmental organizations.
Dressing attractively is one of the main components for making a good impression on your interviewer or boss. There are many reasons why one should dress in a captivating manner and also how one should do so in the right way. Most of the times, beyond having excellent skills and knowledge, an individual fails to make a good impression on his/her interviewer or boss because they are dressed shabbily or not attractively enough sweep them off their feet. This article gives you an idea as to how one can dress successfully to make a good first impression in the corporate world.
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