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How does AirPlay work? How to turn on AirPlay Firstly, you should know which devices are capable of working with the AirPlay system: iPad 2 and higher versions iPhone 4S and higher models iPod except Shuffle, which belongs to the fifth and succeeding generations Mac or MacBook Apple TV of the second or third generations Media centers that support Airplay Airport Extreme Console that allows you to connect loudspeakers to the broadcast Before you turn on the Airplay of these devices, make sure they are all connected to the same Internet network.

Enable the AirPlay Mirroring option. If you need to transfer the TV picture, enable the Replay option. Here are a few reasons for this: The devices are connected to different internet networks. Actually, AirPlay started to work properly with the release of iOS 7.

Update your system version with the latest iPad or iPhone AirPlay. The failover software has a hiccup.

Restart the device, and all the features of wireless data will be restored fully. Wow, this worked great! And so easy — thanks for sharing. Works streaming to my TV, but I cannot redirect my audio to external speakers connected via an Airport Express. Holding down the OK ket on the remote does not bring up the dialog box that controls Subtitles, Audio, and Speakers.

Have you seen this article? How can i make the video not so skippy or slow? Thank you, I now have some very happy children. Thanks again x.

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Man, you just made my day! Thank you for taking the time to publish this awesome article! Thank you so much for posting this info!!! Such a simple solution.

I made this work but for some reason my screen is very tall and thin?? Spending thousands of dollars legally purchasing media and then not being able to watch it unless we screw around with formatting for hours I should have jumped on bit-torrent band wagon 15 years ago and stolen stuff like everyone else. In any event, thanks for immediately explain and solving my problem. Also, when your Apple TV is selected as the device for sound output, both the volume icon in the upper right menu bar as well as the volume buttons on your keyboard can also be used to control the output volume on your TV; I just left mine all the way up and then controlled the volume with my remote, but you can also easily control the volume through your computer this way without having to go back through the settings.

Thanks for your posting.

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I use the VLC but having problems with tracking. The picture on the TV does not match the words. On action movies its really aggravating.

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Any help would be appreciated. Just saved the evening. I tried several work arounds and found your page at last. Great tipps, thanks!

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Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Good news. I just kept fussing with this and now it works! Merry Christmas all! My mother has a Mac book with an internal disc drive. You can simply ask Siri to play one song on one speaker, and another on one in a different room. Another feature of AirPlay 2 is the ability for multiple users to add songs to one playlist. Say you're at a party, and one person has their iPhone as the music source, playing Apple Music - other Apple Music users are able to send songs they want played to the source iPhone, to save having to connect and reconnect several phones.

The following brands have confirmed existing hardware is getting an AirPlay 2 update. We'll update this list as more updates roll out. According to a Bose forum thread , Bose is "actively collecting information to answer inquiries about AirPlay 2 and HomeKit". Confirmations are scarce, but some are confirmed:. Devialet has confirmed that it will be supporting AirPlay 2, but it's still developing the solution.

- Support also available on devices from others including Sonos, Libratone and B&O Play

Libratone has updated its Zipp line for AirPlay 2. Unfortunately, it's not coming to the AirPlay-enabled Diva soundbar or older products. A range of Marantz receivers will support AirPlay 2. Onkyo has pushed an update to a number of products as of 18 April, spanning AV receivers, home theatre systems and network stereo receivers. The following devices can now all be updated:. Pioneer has confirmed the models that will be getting an AirPlay 2 upgrade. The software update is now live so you should be able to update the following products:.

- Now includes a range of TVs

Sonos confirmed only newer Sonos speakers will support AirPlay 2, as will future Sonos products. AirPlay 2 is now available for the following older products:. It has been confirmed that AirPlay 2 is coming to a range of televisions.