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That way you will get e-mail notification whenever a new post is made to this topic. Wishing everyone the best for the holidays, and a happy new year! Eric Posted Thu 27 Dec 12 2: I would love a more versatile Karaoke plugin. Anyways, I have a weekly Karaoke gig and I need a better management system that surpasses Karaoke cards!! I hope everything comes together and you're able to finish your plugin. JD The DJ PRO Infinity Member since I am just really hoping to save the history of singers - I have had a regular karaoke job for the last couple of months and now I have had to create a vdj folder that says bars name karaoke - then subfolders of everyones name so then I can pull up 'Russ' karaoke songs etc.

A scrolling text would be nice to add text, specials upcoming singers, etc. Thanks guys!

Posted Tue 12 Feb 13 3: The most widely used are: Roxbox Compuhost PCDJ which is no longer competition, but still prevalent The features which help these programs stand out are the following: Singer history stored Solid Key Change ability Scrolling lineup of singers at top or bottom of screen. Other than that Virtual DJ has the other features already available. I am writing to plead to the powers that be to include some of these features in VDJ.

One way that i've gotten around the singer history stored is the "Playlists" Feature.

I just save a playlist with the customers name and songs, however it's a dumb way of doing it compared to the other programs which automatically save history. Compuhost is probably the most feature rich out of all of the programs.

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The main features that would help most KJ's is the Singer historys saved with keychange preference and the scrolling lineup of the next three to ten singers. Please consider your customer base and the possibility that others might feel as I do. I want the amazing functionality of VDJ and the capabilities of other professional karaoke programs.

Please let me know what you others think The first karaoke song in the list will be loaded to the active deck, and will wait for the play button to be pressed.

When the karaoke track has played through the end, the deck will stop and the next song in the list will be loaded and ready for the next singer in the rotation. During this time background music see karaoke options can be played to fill the space between singers. Clicking on it will reveal various menu options to customize the Karaoke experience. This menu also offers the ability to start or stop the Karaoke rotation as well as Background Music selection, Background Image, Singer display options and Venue Name.

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Background Music The background music will be played during the breaks from the time the Karaoke song ends until the moment the play button is pressed again for the next singer in the rotation. The source of the background music can be selected here.

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Automix list Select this list to play background music directly from the Automix SideView Sidelist list Select this list to play background music directly from the Sidelist SideView Specific folder Select this option to play songs from a specific folder on your computer. Pro and recently found out that the software is designed to handle Karaoke files because the program tells me how many songs, videos and Karaoke files I have loaded into my computer.

I did some research and found that the Mac version currently does not have a plug in for Karaoke but one is being developed.

My question is, I want to load these discs I have from a Karaoke machine we own in preparation for when the plug-in becomes available. I only use Itunes to import music currently and keep my music in these folders. How do I import these discs and maintain the text files with them so they will operate properly? It is SO hard to find software that resonates with and performs for me.

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Posted Wed 02 Mar 11 1: This means that ypu can already play your karaoke with your Mac. The plugin doesn't have anything to do with that. If the karaoke you own is video, you can convert them to an acceptable video-format.