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The How to Build a Hackintosh guide has been updated with this latest info. Hi Koo, I checked the guide but it looks like for making the usb bootable you need to run os x already? Will it be possible to make that os x lion bootable usb on my windows running pc?

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I would like to make a hackintosh pc in near future but i wanted to wait till lion will be full compatible without errors.. That's a good question, and I'm not sure since I made mine with a Mac. Do they say on the tonymac forum? I tried tonymacx86 Lion install and had some issues.

Much more than documents.

Kakewalk was sooooo much easier I installed the week Lion came out, with no problems. Tonymacx does provide the excellent Multibeast for post-installation tweaking.

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Now, if I could only get wake-up from sleep to work Why would you want to do this? Adobe does everything FCP does and win7 is a better operating system. Putting any OS on a PC just slows it down. Putting win7 on any Mac- speeds it up- I've done both and tit's true.

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Mac is just a status thing- built for those who believe in adverising. Put windows on your PC and it'll be cheaper than any of these options. On the other hand, some people might want to edit in FCP - which is not available on Windows. I think that be the main issue.

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As an aside, your base system is unix - so that's always a nice advantage of running OSX. Dunno how many times I wanted a killall -9 command for my windows 7.

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Is there a PDF to the guide or can the page be fixed? It should be working fine Please help me make my Dell N into a hackintosh, i tried using Iatkos L2 but i get kernel panic after the apple logo, i also tried it several times but i always face kernel panic or it freezes in the chameleon apple logo. Help me pls. Don't have any experience with any builds other than what I recommend here Internet Android. I hate to be a dick but I swear the people who answered this question can't read. It is impossible to do that directly from Windows.

You must run Mac OS X. Then you can make bootable USB. I think the first question you should ask is: will it even work?

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It takes a lot of tweaking and you will have to do research on your hardware for the DSDT file you'll need. I would advise against trying to hackintosh your laptop and if you really want to experience OS X for a cheaper price, building a custom desktop would be the best option.

DalSan M gave the correct suggestion.