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I strongly dislike the highscores system. What I dont like the most is not knowing what score I got on runs that were not my fastest. That makes innovations difficult to test. There should be a frame counter in the corner like is in NReality. That is one of the most useful features. I like the leaderboards in 1. It is much easier to navigate to all the levels. While the thumbnails are a nice addition, it should have been implemented in a different way. Getting to episode 9 of any column when you have a slow internet connection is horrible. Top 10 just is not enough, especially when so many of the maps for this version are so easily maxed.

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I think the score in the leaderboards is the total frames you have left before dying. And as for the number, xela pretty much nailed it. Its the regular 1. I have a bug that when I hit pause noting unpauses expect the jump key, which then suicides the ninja. My pause button is the up arrow.

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But, could you possibly create a highscores site, just like you did with N1. The reason is that it would be really useful for not only checking by yourself, but also for downloading all scores with some fanmade software in otder to create rankings and stats as we do nowadays with N1. Are levels supposed to disappear from the editor menu when you publish them? Kinda caught me of guard. And you better not remove diagonal one ways, cuz they got mad potential and I have yet to see a flaw with them.

When running the Windows version under Wine it logs in with no problem, but then I get performance issues…. Is there a way to load user-made episodes. To find authors. Type a.

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Type b. This is a regular expression search, so any regular expression will work. When searching for maps by title, just enter in one or two words from the title.

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Type in the four digit year, followed by a hyphen followed by the two digit month, followed by a hyphen, followed by a 2 digit day. Example: A whopping eight years into things, Metanet have released "N" 2. This is awesome! Only bug I have to add is that on arcade mode when you beat a column? And then of course when you beat the column in arcade, flash gives you an actionscript error :.

OpenEmu is about to change the world of video game emulation. One console at a time...

Hi Great game love the new levels. However I am only getting episodes 00,10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80, How do I fix this? I have an annoying bug with the downloaded version: When i complete a episode, the next one is not unlocked. Interestingly, at low quality, much better speed. Yea, I need a new computer. Those are my only problems. Take, say, episode 4, level That levels so dang hard, you just wanna take a break. You do. Tomorrow, you go back to your computer.

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This is not a huge problem, at least not to me. But I want to push up the thought again, an Android Version of this game. Controls: Game should be in landscape Left: left side of the screen Right: right side of the screen Jump too complicated? Hey guys! Been following N for years now.. The graphics and aesthetics were alright, though the sharp straightforward graphics of N was alot cooler.

Also I found it deeply annoying that the game screen zoomed in on the Ninja and panned around with it.. I loved the way I could watch the whole level at all times in N.. And I never really picked it back up.. I hope you will take it into consideration.. If you would like me to elaborate on this comment, feel free to write me an email or something.. Nadiim: Thanks for letting us know how you feel! About the aesthetics: we prefer the plain, simple presentation of N, however we wanted to try and add some detail for people playing on huge TVs.

Part of the motivation for rewriting N v2. The new editor needs a manual! Agree with OrcasWereWolves — test level mode does not work some actionscript or flash error. Android Games. The Best Mac Games. The Best Value. The Best Customer Service. Worlds Align: Beginning. Haunted Hotel: Room 18 Collector's Edition. Darkness and Flame: Enemy in Reflection. Rating: 4. Lost Amulets: Mystic Land Rating: 4. Blog Blog Walkthroughs, news, and more.

Check us out on Facebook Twitter You Tube. OpenEmu is modular, and thanks to the work of other great open source projects, it can emulate a wide variety of video game systems we call them 'cores'.

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OpenEmu emulates the following systems:. OpenEmu is about to change the world of video game emulation. One console at a time Please read special instructions for opening. Plug in your gamepad, select it from the list… and press start to begin your adventures!