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Search and web browser Changing card settings You can easily customize the settings of Google Now cards to suit your information needs. For example, you can change the weather units in the Weather card or your transportation mode in the Traffic card. Open the Google Search app.

‎HTC One M9‎

To sign in to Google Now at a later time, tap. Tap , and then say what you want to search for. After speaking, matching items from Google web search are shown. Using browser tabs Open multiple browser tabs and quickly switch from one webpage to another. Watch list so you can quickly find and watch them whenever you like.

HTC One saves webpage text and images only. You will need Internet connection to open linked pages and play video clips. Search and web browser Using your browsing history HTC One keeps a record of webpages you've visited. If you don't want HTC One to keep your browsing history, browse using an incognito tab. See Private browsing on page When you open the Music app for the first time, you'll be asked if you would like to automatically download related content, such as album covers and artist photos, to HTC One. Listen to stronger bass, clearer vocals, and finer details in songs and videos, especially when played in Music and Gallery apps.

Add a song or an album to the queue so it plays when the current playlist has finished playing. Viewing song lyrics Love a song so much that you want to sing along? HTC One gives your music an extra kick with song lyrics and cool music visualizations. To save on data usage, connect to a Wi-Fi network when downloading lyrics.

In Music settings, select Wi-Fi only. The TV app lets you easily tune into your preferred shows, get reminded when your favorite show is on, see what shows are coming up, and more. The TV app is designed on the concept of Rooms. For each Room you can add one EPG and one remote. Entertainment 4. With Create a new room selected, tap Next.

Follow the onscreen instructions to setup the EPG. To switch between EPGs, swipe left to right to open the slideout menu, and then tap next to the Room you're currently in. To view and post social media updates, you'll need to sign in with your accounts. On the TV app, tap to open the slideout menu.

Tap a game that interests you. On the Details tab, view scores, stats, and more. Slide open the Notifications panel. Tap the controls to mute the TV, switch channels, and more. Watch Later list. While watching a video, you can: Listen to your favorite radio stations using the FM Radio app. FM Radio uses the stereo headset as the FM radio antenna.

Open the Gallery or Music app.

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Locate the media stored on HTC One that you want to share, and then tap it. Swipe up with three fingers on the screen. Gallery and play songs stored on the device in Music. You can also open PDFs and edit Office documents. Save and close your files before copying them from your computer to HTC One, or vice versa.

Htc One (M8) User Manual

You'll see options for viewing or importing files on the computer screen. Store your photos, documents, and other files on Google Drive to access them on HTC One, your computer, and your other mobile devices. You can then For details, refer to the terms and conditions on the Google Drive support site at support. In Settings, you can check your available Google Drive storage space. Storage 8. Select the files you want to share, and then tap OK.

You'll then see the links to your selected files added to your email message. Tap to send your email. Shared links are not accessible by your recipients automatically.

Once your recipients receive the link, they can request access, and then you'll receive an email that notifies you to give them access. You can sync contacts, calendars, and other information from your social networks, email accounts, and online services on HTC One. Depending on the account type, signing in to your online accounts lets you sync updates between HTC One and the Web. You can also sync locally stored contacts, calendar events, bookmarks, and playlists between HTC One and your computer. Likewise, HTC Sync Manager is a good alternative if you don't want to back up your accounts, settings, and other personal content to the cloud.

You can use it to create backups of HTC One on your computer. Save the time and frustration of re-creating your personalized HTC One experience when you do a factory reset or buy another phone.

HTC One® - Support Overview

Turn it on by selecting Back up phone daily while doing the on-device setup. If you didn't do so, use the HTC Backup app. You may continue using your phone while apps are being restored. Just make sure that you've already signed in to the same account that you used to back up your phone before.

Sync, backup, and reset 5. To help protect your data, tap Yes, and then set a password for this backup. Be sure to remember this password.

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  7. You'll need to enter it again when importing contacts. If you don't need a password, tap No. When prompted, tap OK. Back up and restore Back up your HTC phone to your computer so you can easily restore your backup to the same phone or to another HTC phone. Sync playlists and data Sync music playlists and data such as contacts and calendar between your phone and your computer.

    To install it on a Mac computer, you need Mac OS If you've set up a lock screen, you need to unlock it. Tap OK. Use the People app to easily manage communications with people that matter to you. Open the People app. On the People tab, you can: Tap , and then enter the first few letters of the contact name in the Search people box. People 4.

    HTC One (M8) - User manual - Support | HTC United States

    Enter the contact information in the fields provided. When you tap the added contact on your contacts list, you'll see the contact information and your exchange of messages and calls. Depending on the information that you've added to the contact such as an email address , you'll also be able to see the contact's social network updates, events, and photos.

    On the People tab, tap and enter the contact's name or email address in the search box. Tap Search contacts in your Company Directory. Tap the name of the contact you want copied to HTC One. Tap to import the contact. On the People tab, tap the Contact link suggestion notification when available. Creating a group 1.