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In addition to this, the zlib data-compression library is required for compression support. Both zlib and libpng library is required for reading PNG format image files. Most features and enhancement added to dvipdfm is related to multi-byte encoding and font support, especially for supporting CJK languages.

For 8-bits encodings, it supports. And it can also support various multibyte encodings excluding state-full encoding by loading PostScript CMap resource. Not all encodings are supported depending on format of font to be used. PostScript Type1 format font is supported as in dvipdfm, but they are converted to CFF format for reducing PDF file size when compression is enabled and always embedded as a font subset.

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Currently usable only with 8-bit encodings. Multiple-Master font is not supported yet. There are several enhancement to dvipdfm including font subsetting. Encrypted PDF files can be generated if the -S option is given.

The key bits bits and the permission flags are specified either in the configuration file dvipdfmx. Indexed-color image is no longer converted to bit RGB color image. Nearly arbitrary graphics format can be supported with the help of external program as long as they can be translated into single page PDF image like dvipdfm.

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But there are still many limitations and restrictions. Nice example by Lei Wang. Chinese zodiac and it's explanation: zodiac. This document will be opened in fullscreen mode.

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ConTeXt examples with Chinese. GBK encoding is used in source files. TrueType font embedded in PDF. Bookmarks [ PDF bookmark. TrueType font embedded, 88K bytes. Contributed by Kangsoo Kim. KS encoding was used in the source. TrueType no embedded font with stylistic variants, 19K bytes. KS encoding. TrueType embedded, 1. Contributed by the lshort-kr project team. We discuss the features of those specials with some examples, many of which are not documented elsewhere.

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  7. A localized Japanese version of TeX. Extensions for typesetting Japanese text and vertical writing.

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    The ConTeXt driver file spec-dpx. Choose dvipdfmx as output option. It is written and maintained by Jonathan Kew. In the recent version of asian font pack, no san-serif font All thirteen issues are available. I wrote and typeset a slim monograph about my trip.

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    Many years ago I wrote a book on maths. Much to my surprise it is still in print. I visited Namibia on a solo trip in September On my return I wrote up my travel journal and it got rather out of hand. The result is this book. If you know me in real life then I'll gladly give you a paper copy for free; just let me know.

    Click here to download my Namibia photos 84mb pdf. Search this site. Now works with Microsoft Word on Macintosh. Corrections will appear in a new version of the font. To accompany the book below. Lavishly edited, dated and captioned. Font containing the characters from the introduction to Thomas More's Utopia. Also has product integral symbol where "z" would normally be.