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We need to put our problems behind us. I made Lindsey listen to all the Fleetwood Mac records. Each writer had their own signature style: Christine McVie as the pop princess, Buckingham as the punchy new waver and Nicks as the dreamy Californian poet. The pressure was now on for their next album to be a massive success.

And Lindsey and Stevie were constantly bickering as their relationship was beyond repair. Great music often comes from heartbreak, emotional turmoil and living on the edge. To record, they left Los Angeles to get away from the record company, attorney and all of the other business demands. They sequestered themselves in a windowless studio in Sausalito, California. In that tiny little room there were five people that were totally breaking up. As most of the members were contributing songs, the listener is allowed to hear the drama unfold much as in a play with its cast of characters and their dialogues flying back and forth.

Lindsey took the helm with arrangement and orchestration. Mick Fleetwood musically held the whole emotional stew together with his steady, driving rhythms. There were some production problems, the most harrowing of which was tape decay.

Fleetwood Mac at the RDS review - 'one of the stand-out shows of the year' -

Because they took so much time to record they even cancelled a sell-out tour , they were constantly overdubbing on the master tapes. The tapes began to decay and nothing sounded like it had when it was recorded. It all would have been lost if as a fluke they had not run another 24 track machine when recording the basic tracks. Luckily, they had this back-up. Then they had to match up all the new parts with the old parts with no time code or midi.

They had to do it like a DJ matching the snare and kick on one side of the headphones with the old parts on the other side. The band won a Grammy Award for the album and it is still one of the best-selling albums of all time with over 40 million sold worldwide. It is an album that is loved by people from all walks of life as having three songwriters opens up the range of emotions and perspective. The themes are ever-present throughout the generations and the songs continue to sound as fresh today as when they were released nearly three decades ago. We also like to share breaking podcasts, behind-the-scenes looks, and all the music content that drives you.

Jump in today! I felt like a shrink. The money was royalties from his work with his old blues band, Fleetwood Mac. He gave his money away and eventually took various menial jobs, including one as a gravedigger. But now, as more and more people acquaint themselves with Fleetwood Mac and dig back to old reissues, this money keeps arriving.

When Green could tolerate it no longer, he paid his accountant a visit, brandishing a pump-action 22 shotgun. He wanted the money stopped. Soon Green was standing in Marlebone Court in London, listening calmly as the judge read this verdict. Peter Green, blues-guitar-star-turned-ascetic, was ordered committed to a mental institution. There, in front of an adorning crowd that included Elton John and two princesses of Iran, FM looked like they were feeling good.

New energy was being supplied by Stevie Nicks and the other most recent addition Lindsey Buckingham. Only John McVie, perhaps in the grand tradition of bassists, remains impassive and faultlessly proficient. Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham were about to do likewise. The father of two children, he and his wife Jenny were in the midst of divorce proceedings. They were almost resigned to starting all over when one of their crew found a cramped dubbing room in the porno district of Hollywood Boulevard, a studio that perfectly accommodated what they had recorded.

A fully booked fall tour was canceled, and there, while films like Squirm and Dick City played next door, Fleetwood Mac started the mixing process. As they added finishing touches to an album more intimate than they had ever anticipated, the band firmly closed their studio doors. I always did have a kind of candle shining for Peter Green. I mean, he was my god. They were gregarious, charming and cheeky on-stage. Very cheeky. Peter Green just made the audience laugh at this funny little cocky Jewboy. Jeremy Spencer was really dirty on-stage. At the Marquee one night he put a dildo in his trousers, came out and did an impersonation of Cliff Richard.

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Half the women left, escorted by their boyfriends. By the time she made friends with the group, Christine Perfect was already a journeywoman blues-circuit rocker herself. Their act consisted of strumming guitars and warbling Everly Brothers hits.

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Their career, which was highlighted by a obe-song pub appearance backed by the Shadows, was cut short when their parents found them out. Christine was sent to art college in Birmingham where she joined a folk club. Whoever could, would play a folk song or violin, whatever they could do. Anyway, one night in strolls this devastatingly handsome man, who was from Birmingham University. It was Spencer Davis. I just fell in love with Spence.

I swore I would get thin and go out with him.

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Boy, they were so hot. Nothing was like that. It just gave me goose bumps. They were just a blues band, but a really, really great blues band. He [Winwood] could yell the blues. A year-old boy. No one could believe it. The year-old girls would have the hots for him. Christine joined another blues band called Chicken Shack. The gruesome cover photo, showing severed fingers in a can, won as art award for their first album. Besides, both Green and McVie already had girlfriends.

Christine stops and slaps her forehead. I scared the shit out of it.

I turned him down… and wrote John a big letter. Fleetwood Mac returned from America and McVie proposed. Both bands toured often and when she left Chicken Shack, she tried a disastrously unprepared solo tour and LP. It was almost like someone marrying a Beatle. You married one of the locks in the chain and you were part of them.

Very happy for probably three years and then the strain of me being in the same band as him started to take its toll. Very belligerent. I was seeing more Hyde than Jekyll. They turned him on to acid. He left Fleetwood Mac on that same tour. Not long ago, exasperated at being asked the perennial reunion question, Mick Fleetwood told an interviewer that sure, someday, maybe on an English tour, the original Fleetwood Mac might get on-stage one night.

Later, when the band arrived in London, Peter Green was waiting for them in the lobby of their hotel. He stepped onto a Children of God bus in Hollywood and never returned. But she places particular emphasis only on Bob Welch. When he quit, he was getting into a real feel of the kind of guitar playing that Peter used to have and Lindsey definitely has got a lot of. After breaking up with their manager they had moved to LA to start all over.

The 10 Best Buckingham/McVie Songs

The McVies lived in a small three-room in Malibu. I write what is required of me. For me, people like Joni Mitchell are making too much of a statement. I was aware of it being irresponsible. I had to do it for my sanity. It was either that or me ending up in a lunatic asylum.