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Unpack, connect and start mixing immediately.

Reloop Beatmix: Mix your beats straight out of the box. Make your own Beatmix skin Customize Beatmix.

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This website requires cookies to provide all of its features. For more information on what data is contained in the cookies, please see our Privacy Policy page. To accept cookies from this site, please click the Allow button below. Ultra flat aluminium jog wheel The newly developed, ultra flat, aluminium jog wheel with its 14cm circumference is equipped with 2 jog modes for vinyl-like scratching and fast track browsing. Large Transport Section A large transport section and the Hot Cue panel allows triggering and remixing whilst having a double functionality via a shift layer for all control elements.

Remix with the BeatMix For even more live remixing possibilities, beat-synchronous loops of various different lengths can be set up on the fly. Technical Data Mixer section: Classic 2-channel mixer design 1x Pro Longlife crossfader 2x volume controllers with Pro Longlife linefaders 2x 3-band EQ dials 2x gain dials Player section: 2x 14cm touch-sensitive, 2-part jog wheels for scratching, cueing, etc.

Overall, the Beatmix offers huge value for money.

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Read the full article here. Driver Driver v1. Posted Mon 11 Jul 11 pm.

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In our testing we didn't find any major problems with VDJ. Posted Tue 12 Jul 11 am. You mentioned no major problems. Any minor problems we should be expecting?

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Posted Tue 19 Jul 11 pm. DJ Cyder PRO Infinity Senior staff Member since Lion is nice but I think there is room for improvement, Apple still doesn't have a hardware acceleration we can use for video, however this i7 has no problems in my testing. Also there is a strange bug in wifi when you wake from sleep.

I'm sure they will be fixed before the release. I'd be shocked if it comes out tomorrow. With only that and their incredible energy they can amaze the crowd and make it dance all night long.

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Housebros are the ones that will brighten your nights with their outstanding m usic and personality. Housebros is the current Clubbing phenomena!

This is the story of two made in morocco DJs about to conquer the world. One can think that he caught the sunlight of that summer day and has kept it with him until today. Indeed, MDA is a very warm, lively and dynamic young little man. He needed something where feelings can be expressed and exalted. Something that will make him challenge himself more creatively than physically.

He needed something that was directly in line with his personality. He needed Music! Most people like music and its harmony but only a few of them have got a real talent!

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Since the age of 10, he could feel the music more than ordinary people; he could live the music and even create it. The beginning was modest but the ascension was dazzling! It started with some parties with some friends in Casablanca playing on basic turn tables. Then time after time, he learned all the technical aptitudes that a David Guetta would have. Since his childhood, he has always been passionate by various types of music. He decided to create his own House music and bought his first turn tables. Then he started to learn step by step all the secrets of mixing.

When he met MDA, the two friends decided to embark in a big adventure and create their team called the HouseBros! Here is a list of the key moments in Housebros Life! The beginning of Housebros. Summer : The HouseBros performed in numerous Parties in Ibiza, they started enjoying the real public show.

December Le Rose Bar - Pacha Marrakech experienced one of the most memorable nights that it ever had, for the first time in morocco two 12 years old DJs were performing. From that date, they started playing twice a month at that night club. June The Housebros performed at a beach party at the vikky Beach.

Sit tight! Gavin Kingsley has proudly just celebrated the th radio show with Carl Cox, he tells us why Radio is still so important and Clark Warner from Beatport tells us just why ADE is so essential to the industry. Tiesto's golden boy echoes Clark's comments and tells us why he loves ADE. Bio Dan Tait has literally spent half his life behind decks - at the age of 28, he has been rocking parties for over fifteen years.

During this time his tastes have grown to encompass the many different strands of music that fall under the heading House and the breadth of styles with which he is comfortable is strongly evident in his sets. Talk to him directly about House music and you will find him as eager to discuss the accessibility of Roger Sanchez and the technical ability of James Zabiela as he is to enthuse about the groovy electronica of Booka Shade.

Five minutes later and he will be talking about his respect for the musicality of Masters at Work and the next thing you know you'll be watching him, at three in the morning, in a grinding London basement, carving up tracks with an EFX and working underground anthems so hard that they feel like live remixes. It was this ability to turn a track inside out, using whatever tools were at his finger-tips, that first caught the attention of the Pioneer product development team.

Having first seen him in hammering the effects unit on a Pioneer mixer and using messed up loops on the CDJ being used to sculpt an epic workout constructed from three copies of the same track, they asked him to join their testing team and contribute advice and criticism on prototype Pioneer products. This player allows Dan to play visuals that he has edited at home from footage that he has shot and animations he has created.

His dedication to good House music, whatever it's sub-genre, his ability to read a crowd and then tease them into submission, and the pure optimism of his 'let's get this party started' attitude have all been central to the attention and respect he has attracted from the diverse range of clubs, DJs, producers and promoters that he has worked with. DJs can prepare amazing sets and playlists using the included Pioneer rekordbox software or download the new rekordbox app to access the same features on their smartphone or tablet.

Each of the included films features producers or DJs in a unique and insightful context — so pop some popcorn and enjoy with these flicks! Highly recommended. This documentary is pretty much the identical concept, only with Japanese producers. In this episode of their weekly series, they start out interviewing sample jockey Greg Gillis Girl Talk and the second half features the legendary Nicolas Jaar interviewing ghetto house pioneer DJ Sluggo about DJing and music. Great stuff.

In this short, we get a chance to hear his perspective on being a rising star and earning credibility and respect as both a DJ and producer. Apparently this has made pretty regular rounds on the BBC in the UK, so it might not be anything new to some of you, but we would absolutely be remiss in not putting it on this list! I guess the younger generation need coaching.

Remember Bad Boy Bill scratching his drops? This forty minute documentary offers a chance to relate to this auteur and learn about how he views his creative process — great stuff!

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Hard to believe that in most countries around the world, nearly twenty four years later, there are still no sensible laws that encourage and properly accomodate this style of sampling. There are a number of documentaries on Acid House, but this one not only relates the story of the music and the DJs in the UK underground, but also explores the rising club scene in Ibiza and the mind-altering substance MDMA that made a large part of the movement possible.

Keep an eye out for clips in the Hacienda as well as interviews with household names like Paul Oakenfold. Now that the CNTRL tour is in full swing, it was the perfect opportunity to get an on-the-road video with the controllerist legend himself! Check out the complete inside look after the jump.

From onstage at the soundcheck before this Illinois show, Ean chats with Loco about his setup and checks out how he melds live looping and external delays to create incredible builds. Watch the full video inside! What if you could set all your cue points and loops for your DJ music from anywhere, at any time, straight from your iPad or Android phone? Well, you can.

That is, if you use Pioneer hardware to DJ. Today we investigate what Rekordbox is all about and how useful the software really is. Reviewed: Rekordbox 2. Accurate processing courtesy of MixVibes technology. Desktop and mobile versions connect wirelessly. No music transfer from mobile device to computer. Limited Pioneer gear support for wireless music playback from mobile devices. The Bottom Line: Rekordbox gives Pioneer-using DJs the advantages of computer-based music management and track analysis in a free-to-use software.

The addition of iOS and Android versions lets DJs do their track preparation from wherever they like.