Reduce powerpoint file size mac 2010

To increase the view of a PowerPoint presentation, a large number of pictures are usually added to slides, which makes the entire PowerPoint file very large in size.

Compress your media files

However, it is not so convenient to store, share, send, or upload a large file. Then is there any way to make a large PowerPoint file smaller?

Online file compressor

Following is how to compress pictures in PowerPoint for Windows and Mac. Step 2: Double-click on one picture, and then you will see the Picture Tools appear in the menu bar.

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On the Format tab, click the Compress Pictures. New slides are created in the presentation containing all the photos of your original slides. Delete the first slide.

PowerPoint adds a title slide to the presentation. This slide is not necessary.

Follow our original guide on the different ways you can save your new PowerPoint presentation as a Word document, but now with a smaller file size. Share Pin Email. Knows everything you need to know about PowerPoint presentation software. Updated February 25, Open the PowerPoint presentation. Navigate to the folder where you want to save the presentation.

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In the File Name text box, enter a name for the presentation. Select Save. In PowerPoint for Mac, select Export.

The next step is to create a photo album that contains the PNG images of each slide. Select Photo Album to open the Photo Album dialog box.