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It didn't do so well, detecting just 59 percent of my assorted threats. It's true that Windows malware can't hurt your Mac, but eliminating it ensures that your Mac won't be a carrier bringing infection to other devices on your network. In theory, once you've installed your antivirus and completed a full scan, real-time protection should handle any new infestations that crop up. Symantec votes with the majority, letting you schedule a weekly scan on the day and time of your choice.

You can also choose whether to run a full system scan, a scan of all user folders, or a scan of just the startup disk. Phishing is the term we use for websites that masquerade as financial sites or other sensitive sites, hoping to steal login credentials from unwary victims. Unlike malware, which generally must be tuned to a specific operating platform, phishing works on any platform and any browser. All it requires for success is an inattentive user.

In the past, I used Norton as a touchstone for phishing protection, reporting each product's score based on how much it diverged from Norton's detection rate. Earlier this year, though, I found that Norton was no longer consistently achieving detection in the high end of the 90 percent range, so I switched to simply reporting each product's raw detection rate. I do still report the difference between the product's detection rate and that of the phishing protection built into Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Given that both products implement Norton Safe Web protection as a browser extension, I am not surprised to see the same results on both platforms. What is surprising is the low, low detection rate, just 40 percent. That's the lowest score among Mac antivirus products that include phishing protection. All three browsers fared substantially better than Norton just using their built-in phishing protection. Among macOS-oriented products, McAfee earned the best score, beating out all three browsers and achieving percent protection.

Tested on Windows, Kaspersky did the same, but only managed 84 percent detection in the latest macOS test. Avast Security for Mac holds second place in Mac antiphishing, with 90 percent detection.

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It warns when you're connected to an insecure network, and automatically configures protection when you return to a trusted network. By default, it allows all outgoing network connections and blocks unsolicited incoming connections. Going beyond the other firewalls, Norton includes active protection against exploit attacks on vulnerabilities in the operating system and popular applications.

You can view the impressive list of attacks blocked, and even dig in for an online page describing each. A feature called DeepSight blocks contact coming from a constantly updated list of known attackers.

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Application blocking, disabled by default, prevents unauthorized programs from using your network and internet connections. If you turn it on, you get a pop-up query each time Norton sees a new program attempting a connection. When I turned it on for testing, it didn't generate as many popups as when I last evaluated the program. I did have to give permission for Chrome to access the internet, but that was about it. Norton's Windows firewall is vastly more sophisticated. To start, it automatically configures permissions for a huge collection of known and trusted programs.

The Mac edition clearly doesn't; it asked me whether to allow Chrome to go online. When the Windows version doesn't recognize a program, it monitors that program closely for suspect behavior and cuts the network connection if it detects abuse. Even though it doesn't come up to the level of the Windows firewall, the firewall in Norton's Mac edition does more than most. If you enable application control, be prepared for an initial flurry of pop-ups.

Once those are past, it should be smooth sailing. In my review of Symantec Norton Password Manager , the successor to Norton Identity Safe, I point out that the documentation and features aren't entirely synced up across platforms. For example, the documentation clearly states that macOS is not supported. And yet, you'll find that on the Mac Norton offers to install the password manager along with Norton Safe Web.

Given that the password manager functions as a browser extension, it makes perfect sense that it would work on a Mac just the same as on Windows. The addition of the password manager isn't precisely a bonus, since you can get Norton Password Manager for free, but it's a nice addition.

Read my review for full details. Briefly, Norton Password Manager handles basic password manager tasks such as password capture, password replay, and filling web forms, and it can sync your data across all your Windows, Android, iOS devices, and macOS devices. It now includes an actionable password strength report with automatic password updates for popular sites. However, it lacks advanced features, among them secure password sharing, digital inheritance, and two-factor authentication.

New with this edition, Norton Clean aims to regain some disk space for you by eliminating files you don't need. It can remove duplicate files, including duplicate photos and duplicates in your iTunes account. There's also an option to identify similar files and let you remove any that aren't necessary, for example p and p versions of the same movie. Finally, it gets rid of junk files left by applications and other temporary files.

On my test system it quickly found many files to sweep away. I let it eliminate the junk and temporary files, but I wasn't so sure about the handful duplicates in iTunes and Photos.

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And when I checked its list of similar files, I found many that most definitely shouldn't be deleted. For example, it found a set of files created around the same time, with filenames differing only in a digit at the end—these were notes on a day's worth of talks at Black Hat, and all different. To be fair, on a Mac that someone actually uses for day-to-day work, Norton would very likely find many more actual duplicates and junk files.

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Norton Clean is definitely a welcome addition to this suite. In addition, you get a lot more when you use one of your licenses to install protection on a Windows box, or even an Android device. While Norton is excellent, there are even better choices—especially if you have a Mac-centric household. Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac is also a suite, though with a different feature set from Norton, and it's priced the same as many standalone Mac antivirus utilities.

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In addition, it has certifications from two independent labs to Norton's one. Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac also earned two lab certifications, and it took the top score in every lab test. Bottom Line: Symantec Norton AntiVirus Basic. He was present at the formation of the Association of Shareware Professionals, and served on its board of directors.

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Similar Products. Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac. Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac. Sophos Home Free for Mac. Avast Security for Mac. Avira Free Antivirus for Mac. FinishCleanup Summary: Displays then deletes the file named by LogFile, a log of files not removed by RemoveItem function, if ErrorOccurred is true. If NoFilesToRemove is true, a message is shown and the function is exited.

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If RemoveInvisibleFilesOnly is true, a message is shown and the function is exited; otherwise, a message is shown. Returns 2 if ErrorOccurred is true, 0 otherwise. No files have been removed. Not all of the invisible Symantec files were removed. If true is passed, a user that is not root will always be asked for a password. If something other than true is passed or if nothing is passed, then a user that is not root will only be prompted for a password if authentication has lapsed.

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Gets an admin user password from the user so that future sudo commands can be run without a password prompt. The script is exited with a value of 1 if the user enters an invalid password or if the user is not an admin user. If the user is the root user, then there is no prompt for a password there is no need for a password when user is root.

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