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Welcome To Grey's Training & Certification Center


GREY’S TRAINING & CERTIFICATION CENTER formerly known as GREY'S TYPING & COMPUTER SERVICES formerly known as GREY’S TYPING SCHOOL commenced its operation on 1st July, 1987 at Richmond Hill in the parish of St. George’s.

Our commitment and dedication to the development of education in Grenada has enabled our participants to be recognized in the 1994, 1995 and 2006 typewriting examinations where they were awarded Gold and Silver Medals from Incorporated Phonographic Society (IPS) for their outstanding performances. In 2007, the institution was awarded a Certificate of Accomplishment in Recognition of twenty years of excellent service to the advancement and development of the human resource capacity of Grenada.

In 2010 the Institution obtained Certification of Registration as an Educational Institution through the Ministry of Education (Grenada).  Also in 2010-2011 the institution went through training with the National Training Agency in the areas of Internal and External Verification, Assessor, Audit and Competency Base Education Instructor Training (CBET); All our instructors received the CBET training.

Why choose us?

  • We Provide CVQ Certification

    CVQs are awarded to candidates that demonstrate job-related competencies based on the Regional Occupational Standards. CVQs can be achieved at your job Read More
  • We are a Certified Educational Institution

      In 2010 the Institution obtained Certification of Registration as an Educational Institution through the Ministry of Education (Grenada). Also in 2010 Read More
  • We have built a Solid Reputation

    The institution has built a solid reputation of student’s success and has contributed to the work skills improvement of many persons in Read More
  • Committed and Dedicated to Education Development

      Grey’s Training & Certification Center commitment and dedication to the development of education in Grenada enabled our participants to be recognized Read More
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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Ellisha Baptiste

    Satisfied Customer

    Grey's Training & Certification Center is a multifaceted organization structured to aid personal development by providing academic and skills training in a wide variety of areas for over 30 years. This regime hosts an experienced, committed and dedicated staff led by an entrepreneur who never ceases to set standards.
  • Kareen Patrick

    Office Clerk - Joseph & Joseph Law Office

    Grey’s Training & Certification Center experience exceeds all expectations. I loved every minute of it; a wonderful learning experience, with highly informative classes and a great educator with decades of industry experience. 
    The Certificates are worldwide recognized; compliment my work tasks perfectly and really assist me to be more efficient at my job; it was a great learning experience.
    Fantastic study experience at Grey’s Training & Certification Center.
  • Tracy Ettienne

    Executive Secretary

    I was a graduate of the University of the West Indies with a bachelor’s of science degree in Management Studies. When I completed my bachelor’s degree, my search for employment was intensified and before long it became clear that I did not possess some core competencies skills such as typing, minute taking and basic office skills that were required to effectively perform the roles and responsibilities of various job opportunities that were available.

    As a result of this, I decided to register for a course at Grey’s Training & Certification Center to enhance my clerical skills. Today, I would have successfully completed elementary typewriting and General Office Administration level 2. This course can help one to succeed in a support role of any size or type of organisation. These roles include but are not limited to secretarial positions, receptionist, administrators, personal assistants, an office supervisor or manager.

    My experience from being a class participant in this course is that it is highly skilled based; the classroom setting is very interactive and practical. It gives persons the opportunity to conduct role play and to have an actual idea of how to properly handle real life situations when dealing with customers. At the end of the course, participants also have the opportunity to be placed in organisations to be job trained. This in most instances lead to permanent job opportunities for individuals. Due to this course and the clerical experience I would have received, I was able to gain a permanent position in the job market. I am confident, competent and more marketable in obtaining jobs and new opportunities.

  • Tonnie Pierre

    Finance Clerk

    My experience at Grey's Training & Certification Center was quite gratifying; at this institute they focus on the development of a well rounded student. They not only focus on the academics but their program is very skilled base.  Individuals are also trained on proper decorum and deportment. The information on proper conduct and mannerism in an office may seem basic, but it was quite beneficial to me and I think this information is quite necessary to help individuals grow as a person both in and out of the workplace.

    The tutors are well equipped with knowledge and skills to teach each lesson. They are also very interactive with the class and would work along with you if there's something you don't understand.

    Assessments are both oral and written; I must say that the oral assessments have assist me in giving me the courage to speak confidently to an audience.

    I highly recommend this institute to anyone who would like to gain the necessary specifics for becoming an Accounts Clerk or Office Administrator.

  • Nydon Stephenson

    Past Student

    My study experience at Greys' Training & Certification Center was life changing; this learning experience has surely open doors to new opportunities.  Even after full working sessions, I found myself looking forward for the next class!  Very interesting, fun and an overall great experience.  I'm extremely happy with the outcome! I have been enrolled as a trainee, did my internship at Joseph & Joseph Law Office and today I have been given an opportunity of employment. Great Institution, fantastic educators; I highly recommend such reputable institution.
  • Nadeen Garraway

    Operations Administrator II - Prime Minister's Office

    Grey's Training & Certification Center has assisted me greatly in enhancing my Typing, Computer and General Office Management skills; which was delivered in a series of theory and practical. Through training especially in areas of Touch-typing, I acquired Distinction both at the Elementary and Intermediate levels.

    The General Office Level 2 course in which I already completed has immensely impact my work life in which I used on a daily basis. Presently, I am enrolled at the same institution in the Administrative Assistance Level 3 Program which is equivalent to an Associate degree. This additional course exposes me to training in areas such as Communication Skills, Quality Customer Relation Skills, Exercising Initiative in the Business Environment, Participate in Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices and much more. This information is delivered in concise chunks that are easily absorbed - the structure is clear, logical, practical and effective.

    Some great highlights were the assignments, feedback from instructors and interacting with other participants.

    I feel very proud and honored to be part of such a dynamic institution. 

  • Peterlyn Andrew-Pascal

    Junior Accountant - GBN

    My experience at Grey’s Training & Certification Center was a memorable one.  I attended the Accounting Clerk Level 2 course, and I must say it was a very wise decision.  The tutors were very helpful, patient and explicit in their delivery.  I greatly appreciated the hands-on aspect, which enabled me to be very efficient and effective in my career development.

    What was most interesting and encouraging was the reassurance   that I could be reassess in areas in which I was not yet competent and other unforeseen occurrences which given the opportunity to be fully competent and complete the studies.  I truly relish the experience at Grey’s Training & Certification Center.

  • Oba

    Administrative Assistant - Grenada Youth Center

    I am employed under the Ministry of Youth Sports and Religious Affairs, based at the Grenada Youth Cultural and Recreational Center as the Administrative Assistant to the Facility Manager.
    A few years ago, I would not have viewed myself in such position; I have thought of myself achieving something in Office Administration, but at the time my main focus was in the Architecture field.
    I was given the opportunity to be enrolled in the General Office Administration Level 2 program at Grey’s Training & Certification Center which was in collaboration with the GNTA and MAREP.  The staff at Grey’s are really great at what they do; the course went smoothly for me. All of the content was delivered effectively and totally understandable.
    The experience was so great and meaningful that I decided to pursue the higher level – the Administrative Assistant Level 3.  So far, it is going well and I am really enjoying it.
    I would definitely give Grey’s Training & Certification Center the full five star rating.   Mrs.  Beverly Grey, Ms. Lyndonna Francis and the other staff members are the best. I would like to mention Mrs. Lyndonna Hillaire-Marshall who is the facilitator for the Administrative Assistant level 3; she’s doing an awesome job.  I can truly say this has been some of the best decisions that I’ve made in life.
  • Dean Hazzard

    Corporate Customer Care Agent – Digicel Grenada Limited

    My experience at Grey’s Training & Certification Center has been a phenomenal life changing experience. As a student with an associated degree in Building Technology from the T.A. Marryshow Community College; finding jobs in this field was proven to be difficult. I was informed of General Office Administration Level 2 program certified through The Grenada National Training Agency. I completed the course and felt accomplished with the knowledge I acquired. Shortly after I went on internship with The Communal Co-operative Credit Union for 6 months and because of my performance the time period was extended.

    The most amazing part of the internship was being able to apply all what I have learnt during the General Office Course at the institution. During my extended period I was offered a position at Digicel Grenada Limited as a temporary Customer Care Agent, I took the position and pursued Intermediate Typing and Accounting Clerk Level 2 at the said institution. Upon completion of the six month temporary period at Digicel, I got a permanent position as a customer care agent; I was then promoted to Retail Associate Executive where I worked in that position for a period of eight months and was granted another promotion in the Corporate Customer Care Role which I am currently in while pursuing the Administrative Assistance Level 3 Course at Grey’s Typing & Computer Services.

    This course impacted my life so much, it boost my confidence to the level where I can present in meetings, take charge and face responsibilities and challenges very productively armed with the skills acquired.

  • Kamisha James

    Office Clerk

    Grey's Training & Certification Center I will describe as an institution that helps its students reach their goals and create new opportunities for career growth.  I started with The General Office Administration Level 2 courseand was extremely satisfied –this has motivated me to enrol in the Administrative Assistant level 3. The certificates obtain at this institution are widely recognised; the course material is delivered in simple form that can be easily absorbed: the structure is clear, logical, practical and effective.  I count myself among the lucky and proud students that pass through this dynamic institution; it’s an honour. 

  • Jalyn

    Clerk Swiftpac

    I started the General Office Administration Level 2 program under the Imani.  The course was very informative and skill base. The method of tutoring was hands on, which I thought was very effective. There were continuous assessments which took the form of oral questioning, role play, case study, written and observation.  This kind of learning gave me an opportunity to prove my competence. Therefore, at the end of the course I was deemed competent in all areas of my assessment.  As a result of the course I am no longer under the Imani and was able to obtain a job where I am using most of the skills received at Grey’s Training & Certification Center.

    The facilitators did an excellent job; very patience and easy to communicate with.

    Being so inspired by the course and I saw the need to move on to the Administration Assistant Level 3, of which I am now a part.

  • Geneal Courtney

    Clerical Assistant (Ministry of Tourism)

    I first learned about Grey’s Training & Certification Center in 2004. However, I did not seek interest until September 2010.
    In January 2015 I went to register for Typing Class, and was informed of the General Office Administration Level 2 course which I became a part of and successfully completed. This program gave me the skills and knowledge I needed in order to perform my duties efficiently in my work environment.  It was through this program I attained a First Class Pass in Elementary Typewriting and went further to attain a First Class Pass at the Intermediate level.
    This program assists me greatly both personally and professionally; when I heard about Administrative Assistant Level 3, I did not hesitate to be a part.
    I would like to thank Mrs. Beverley Grey and her wonderful team for providing such a magnificent life changing program. This program is changing the way I look at work and life in general.
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GREY'S TRAINING & CERTIFICATION CENTER formerly known as GREY’S TYPING & COMPUTER SERVICES formerly known as GREY’S TYPING SCHOOL commenced its operation on 1st July, 1987 at Richmond Hill in the parish of St. George’s.

The institution has built a solid reputation of student’s success and has contributed to the work skills improvement of many persons in Grenada.


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